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Telephone +33 1 40 15 06 00 Mail Contact
Adress Maille Flagship Store
6 Place de la Madeleine, 75008 Paris
  Maille Flagship Store
32 Rue de la Liberté, 21000 Dijon
  Maille Factory
Z.I. de la Norge, 21800 Chevigny-Saint-Sauveur
Website Flag coming soon
Social Media Coming soon


1:28 min Commercial Be a memorable guest for the right reason this Christmas
Maille gifting (2014)

2:47 min Video Foraging for seasonal wild mushrooms with Bruno Loubet (2015)

0:30 min Video Les Tables Maille (2015)

2:09 min Video Maille Cooking Lesson in French Sauce Bernaise (2015)

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Coming is an imaginary name.

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The Maille Logo was created by xxx.

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The Maille Letter Internet Domain was registered 21 March 1996
is hold in the name of Maille.