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Perfume Chanel N°5
Only one thing is sure ...
the Coco Chanel CC Logo
has been designed by Coco Chanel in person
in 1921
at the very beginning
of the Chanel N°5 perfume.

And the Logo has never changed ....

original Goldstar Logo from 1958original LG Logo from 1995
While some companies like LG Corp
have completely
changed their Logos
over and over again,

original BMW Logo from 1917BMW Logo from 2000General Electric Logo from 1899General Electric Logo from 2004

Sony Logo from 1957Sony Logo from 1973
others like BMW, General Electric or Sony
have slightly modified it over the years

original Chanel Logo from 1921
the Logos like the one of Chanel
is just so perfect
and so timeless
that they never needed any ajustments.
The Logo as used today
is identical to the one the day it was designed.

But what might have inspired Coco Chanel ?
There are different theories ...
Chanel double C Logo
portail du Chateau de Cremat

The Chateau de Cremat, built in 1906 near Nice
was owned by Irène Bretz
an American friend of Coco Chanel.
In the 1920s Coco Chanel was invited several times
to the elegant receptions given by Irène Bretz at the chateau.
According to the legend she liked the Chateau's emblem
which she used to create her own logo.

Chanel double C Logo
Windows of the Church of Aubazine
in Corrèze, central France.

Coco Chanel lived in the orphanage
at the Congregation of the Sacred Heart of Mary.
The abbey has later influenced Coco's style
and the pure and symetric style of her creations.

The shape of the stained glasses of the Church of Aubazine
might have inspired the shape of the CC Logo.

Chanel double C Logo
Monogram of King Henri II of France and Catherine de Medicis.

Coco Chanel might have been inspired by the
interlocking C Monogram of Catherine de Medicis.

Above Monograms can been found all around
the Chateau de Chenonceau.

Queen Catherine was born in Florence in 1519.
She married Henri de France, future King Henri II in 1533.
After the death of her husband she governs France
She died in 1589 in Blois, France


Ernest Beaux, first Chanel perfumerHenri Robert, created Chanel N°19Jacques Polge, created many Chanel fragnances
Ernest Beaux is the first director of Chanel Parfums
before Jacques Polge and Henri Robert.

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