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LG Twin Towers
LG Twin Tower
Seoul 150721
South Korea

+82 2 37771114
LG phone LG E 970
LG Twin Towers

  LG History & Timeline :

Lucky logo
1947 were layed in Korea the roots of the chemical company
Lak-Hui Chemical Industrial Corp
which is today one of the divisions of the LG Conglomerate (LG Chem).

Lak-Hui is pronounced "Lucky".

GS / Goldstar Logo
1958 was established Goldstar (today LG Electronics)
a consumer electronics company bringing out Korea's first radio.

Both companies merged and formed Lucky Goldstar.

1995 to better compete in the western market
the complicated Lucky-Goldstar name was shorte "LG", matching the companie's intitials.

A new ad concept was created around the expression Life's Good,
The company logo of LG features the letters L and G, presented in the form of a smiling human face .

The founder is
Koo In-Hwoi

LG Electronics is most prominent subsidary of LG Corp.
LG Electronics makes different consumer electronics products
like Plasma TVs, mobile phones
and home appliances like washing machines, vacuum cleaners and refrigerators.


Origin of the LG Name & Logos & Internet Domains

Name: the name LG are the initials of the companies <Lucky> and <Goldstar>.

LG logo
The original logo from xxxx represents the letters "L" and "G"
symbolised as a smiling face - a synonym for the companies
philisophy to produce products the make everyones life better ... Life's Good.

Internet Domains:
Like many other companys owning iconic Monograms,
LG missed the inital une 8 1995 registration of the LG domain.
For years the company could only communicate via LG.net or
the three letter domain LGE.com.

from the VB.com Internet Hall of Fame
Today LG is listed on position n°106
on the VB.com Domain Hall of Fame.

The domain was bought in 2009 from the British football player Andy Booth.
It was initially registered june 8 1995 by the Chemical Company Lookwood Greene.
In 2008 Andy Booth was able to negociate the aquisition of the LG.com domain
because the entire company Lookwood Greene had been aquired by C2 Hill
and was less and less using it's original brand name.
According to rumors LG.com was the most expensive domain transaction in the history of the internet.

See also the history of the LG.com website.

The domain Lucky Goldstar.com was registered ??,
and the domain Life s Good.com was registered ??

Today LG has a worldclass internet communication
all national LG domains like LG.de
are always redirected to the global LG.com domain.

LG has a portfolio of over 350 domains.


  Facts & Figures about LG today

The CEO is Koo Bon-Moo.

Today LG Corp is the holding company for 15 subsidaries:
- LG Electonics manufacturing of consumer electronic products;
- LG Chem Ltd manufacturing of petrochemical products;
- LG CNS Co., Ltd., software development and information technology (IT);
- LG Siltron Incorporated, manufacturing silicon wafers;
- LG Solar Energy Inc., engaged in photovoltaic power generation business
- SERVEONE, purchasing agency business;
- LUSEM CO., LTD., engaged in the driver integrated circuit (IC) business, light emitting diode (LED) package business and radio frequency identification (RFID) business;
- and others.

2010 revenues are ... $89.5 billion
employing 186,000 people

The LG stock is traded with the ticker symbol TXN.
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LG is a Very Beautiful Brand from South Korea