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Coco Chanel with her business partner Pierre Wertheimer
photo by Roger Schall © all rights reserved ... Roger Schall Collection
Coco Chanel (August 19, 1891 – January 10, 1971)
and Pierre Wertheimer (January 8, 1888 – April 24, 1965)
were Business partners.

The relation was very conflictual
and we have to do some more research
trying to explain it ...


Ernest Beaux, first Chanel perfumerPerfume Chanel N°5
Everything started with the perfume Chanel N°5

which became
thanks to
Pierre Werheimer's Business Know How
Coco Chanel's taste
Ernest Beaux's Perfume expertise
and also Theophile Bader's sales force

the world's most sold perfume.

Le Chaperon Rouge Video about Chanel N°5.

Ernest Beaux, first Chanel perfumerHenri Robert, created Chanel N°19Jacques Polge, created many Chanel fragnances
Ernest Beaux is the first director of Chanel Parfums
before Jacques Polge and Henri Robert.

Brand from France
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