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Swarovski Cristal World
D Swarovski & Co
Swarovskistr 30
6112 Wattens near Innsbruck
+43 5224 5000
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Swarovski Museum Kristallwelten
Svarovski Museum

Swarovski History & Timeline :

In Bohemia now Czech Republic glass has a strong tradition and Daniel Swarovski worked there in his
fathers small glass cutting factory.

Daniel Swarovski
1892 Daniel Swarovski (1862-1956) had invented an electric cutting machine that simplyfied the cutting of crystal glass.

1895 foundation of the company A Kosmann Daniel Swartz & Co, later shortened to K.S. & Co,
with the help of the French financier Armand Kosman and the Austrian Franz Weis.

He settled in Austria in the small town Wattens on the river Inn,
where he leased the former tissue factury Rhomberg with it's own small power station
which generated hydraulic electricity from the river Inn.

1960 Swarovski was able to buy the shares of the heirs of Armand Kosman.

Daniel Swarovski had one son, also called Daniel.

Daniel II Swarovski had 3 children:
Fritz, Alfred and Wilhelm Swarovski.

Marilyn Monroe
1962 at the occasion of John F Kennedy's birthday party
Marylin Monroe wore a dress with 10.000 Swarovski Crystals.
Her song "Happy Birthday Mr President" contributed a lot to the fame of Swarovski.

1991 Swarovski opened it's Paris store on 7 rue Royale.

1995 at the occasion of it's 100 years birthday Swarovski opens a museum / attraction part
at their headquarter in Austria, called Kristallwelten (World of Crystals) designed by the Austrian artist André Heller. The museum has become Austria's second most visited touist attraction after the Schönbrunn castle in Vienna.

Boutique Swarovski Duesseldorf
XXXX opening of the Swarovski store in Duesseldorf, Koenigsallee.

Today the company employs 25.000 people.

The company is owned by the very glamorous Swarovski family
which is divided into various family members.
The CEO is Markus Langes Swarovski, in the 5th generation of the family.
His cousin Fiona Winter Swarovski
is considered by the international fashion press as one of the very beautiful woman of the World.
Nadja Swarovski is in charge of communications.
Markus Langes SwarovskiFiona Winter SwarovskiNadja Swarovski


Swarowski is a  Brand from Austria