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Telephone +33 6 49215128
Adress Cremerie de Paris N°2
11 rue des Halles 75001 Paris
Website Ptit
Parent Private  
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Ptit Con Cocktail at Cremerie de Paris N°6

& Cremerie de Paris N°1
april 2018 & june 2018
more about le Ptit Con Pop Up Store at Cremerie de Paris N°6
The Ptit Con Pop Up ... part of the long history of the Cremeries

Ptit Con Pop Up Store at the Cremerie de Paris N°2, N°6

History & Timeline:

Ptitcon was created in 2017.
coming soon

Name, Logo, Internet Domains:

Coming is an imaginary name.

Ptitcon Logo

The Ptitcon Logo was created by xxx.

Internet Domain:

The Ptitcon Letter Internet Domain was registered 21 July 2009
is hold in the name of Ptitcon.