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LV Boutique avenue des Champs Elysees
Louis Vuitton
Boutique Champs Elysees
101 avenue des Champs Elysees
75008 Paris
+33 1 53 57 52 00
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Louis Vuitton Boutique  Champs Elysees

Louis Vuitton History & Timeline :

1854: Louis Vuitton / LV was founded
by the French travel case manufacturer Louis Vuitton
on 4 rue Neuve des Capucines (now rue Capucines) Paris.

1859: Establisment of an Atelier 5very small factory) in Asnières sur Seine
in the north west of Paris.

1867: Louis Vuitton wins a bronze Medaille at the Exposition Universelle.

1871: the Louis Vuitton shop moves to 1 rue Scribe.

1873: Georges Vuitton (son of Louis Vuitton) joins the company.

1885: Georges Vuitton opens a store in London.

1889: Gold Medal at the Exposition Universelle in Paris.

1892: Death of Louis Vuitton - the comany is now in full control of his son Geroeges.

1897: Gaston-Louis Vuitton (son of Georges, grandson of Louis) joins the company.

1914: Opening of the Louis Vuitton store on 70 av des Champs Elysees
(replacing the store on 1 rue Scribe).
Coco Chanel is the marraine of the store opening.

1927: Charles Lindberg buys two Louis Vuitton trunks
after completing his historic trans atlantic flight.

1936: Death of Georges Vuitton (2nd generation).

1946: Reorganisation of the company management
among the great grandchildren of Louis Vuitton.
Jacques-Louis Vuitton in charge of Finance
Henry-Louis Vuitton in charge of Sales
Claude-Louis Vuitton in charge of production.

1954: 100th anniverseray.
The flagship stor moves from the Champs Elysees to Avenue Marceau.

1970: Death of Gaston-Louis Vuitton (3rd generation).

1975: Henry Racamier, husband of Odile Vuitton,
another grandchild of Louis Vuitton becomes president of the company.
At this time the comapny has 2 stores, employs 70 people and
has a turnover of 10 million Francs.

The strategy of Henry Racamier is to open company owned retail stores.

1977: Creation of the holding company Louis Vuitton SA.

Louis Vuitton Boutique Duesseldorf
1980: October 1, Opening of the Louis Vuitton Store in Duesseldorf, Koenigsallee.

1980: November, Louis Vuitton has his first presence on 5th Avenue corner 57th street.

Louis Vuitton Boutique in Zuerich
1981: Opening of the Louis Vuitton Store in Zuerich, Bahnhofstrasse.

1983: Louis Vuitton Cap, a race for yachts hold for the first time.

1984: Mai, Louis Vuitton enters the Paris and New York stockmarket.

1985: Launch of the EPI leather collection.

1987: Merger between Louis Vuitton and Moet Hennesy
creation the LVMH Luxury Conglomerate.

1989: Opening of the Louis Vuitton Musee du Voyage in the former family house.

Louis Vuitton Boutique Cologne
1989: October 1, Opening of the Louis Vuitton Store in Cologne, facing the Cathedral.

1990: Yves Carcelle becomes new CEO.

1995: Opening of the Paris store in Saint Germain.

1997: Marc Jacobs becomes the first Creative Director.

1998: February, Opening of a Louis Vuitton Mega Store on the Champs Elysees
1998: March, Opening of the Mega Store on New Bond Street in London.

2001: Launch of Vuitton Jewelry department.

Boutique Louis Vuitton Brussels
2002: Opening of a new Louis Vuitton store in Brussels.

Boutique Louis Vuitton Florence
2002: November, Opening of a new Louis Vuitton store in Florence.

Boutique Louis Vuitton Amsterdam
2002: November 15, Opening of a new Louis Vuitton store in Amsterdam.

Boutique Louis Vuitton New York 5th Avenue
2004: Opening of the Louis Vuitton store on 5th Avenue New York.

Louis Vuitton Mega Store in Paris
2005: October, Re-opening of the enlarged Louis Vuitton Mega Store in Paris
(101 av des Champs Elysees).

Boutique Louis Vuitton Antwerp
2006: Opening of the Louis Vuitton store in Antwerp.

2006: September, Opening of the store in Budapest.

2009: June, Opening of th Villa Louis Vuitton à Deauville.

Boutique Louis Vuitton Milan
2011: September, Re-opening of the enlarged Louis Vuitton Boutique in Milan.

2012: June 29, Opening of the Louis Vuitton Jewler store Paris, 23 place Vendome.

Today the company operates multiple fashion boutiques
in World fashion cities.

Louis Vuitton is a Very Beautiful Brand from France