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23 rue de Provence 75009 Paris
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1:37 min Video Crocodile inside - long version (2019)

1:30 min Making Of - Crocodile Inside (2019)

1:31 min Commercial Lacoste Timeless (2017)

1:39 Making Of Video Lacoste Timeless (2017)

History & Timeline:

Lacoste was created in 1933.
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Lacoste Logo

The Lacoste Logo was created by xxx.

Internet Domain:

The Lacoste Letter Internet Domain was registered 10 July 1997
is hold in the name of Lacoste.

Lacoste History & Timeline :

1904: July 2, Birth of René Lacoste in Paris France.

Rene Lacoste
René Lacoste wins the French Tennis chamionship.
René Lacoste is the World n°1 Tennis player.
René Lacoste wins the Coupe Davis Tennis championship.

Rene Lacoste
1929: First introduction of the Lacoste tennis shirt.

1932: Invention of the Lacost Polo
replacing the traditional long tennis shirts
the reference is L.12.12

1933: Incorporation of "La Chemise Lacoste"
with help of André Gillier, owner of Établissements Gillier, a large French knitwear firm from Troyes).

1940: Lacoste interrupts activities due to the war.

1946: Reopening of Lacoste after the war.

1952: Lacoste Shirts are exported to the USA.

1960: Launch of a Lacoste tennis racket in steel.

1961: Etablissements Gillier acquired by Devanlay-Recoing (today Devanlay S.A.)

1963: Bernard Lacoste becomes the President of the company.

1968: Launch of a first perfume in collaboration with the perfume house with Jean Patou.

1989: Opening of a Lacoste Boutique in Hamburg.

1990: The Swiss Mauss family enters a 35% minority stake in the Lacoste capital
through their acquisition of Devanlay SA.

1996: Death of René Lacoste. He worked until the en of his life on company design and inventions.

2005: Bernard Lacoste steps down for health reasons
and is replaced by his young brother Michel Lacoste.

2012: June, Opening of the world's largest Lacost store on Knightsbridge in London.

2012: Tensions in the Lacoste family. Successive sale of shares hold by
Michel Lacoste and his children Sophie and Philippe Lacoste to the Swiss Maus family.

2012: Sale of the company by the Lacoste heirs to the swiss Maus family.

2014: Publication of the iconic Lacoste "The Big Leap / Life is a beautiful Sport" commercial.
Actors Paul Hamy and Anna Brewster, director Seb Edwards,
music DISCLOSURE - "YOU & ME" ft Eliza Doolittle