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Cremerie de Paris
Post Coach delivering mail from Cremerie de Paris / Hotel de Villeroy

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Cremerie de Paris - Historic Gate
built in 1640 by Nicolas V de Villeroy

Louis XIV, 3rd Bourbon King of France
The gate was built in 1640 to replace an old gate which was the seperation the garden
of the Hotel de Villeroy from rue des Déchargeurs.
When Louis XIV and the children of his tutor
François and Catherine de Villeroy were small,
they used to play in the garden.

La Poste at the Hotel de Villeroy around 1700
In 1671 the building was acquired by Louis Pajot and Leon Rouillé.
The garden was replaced by a new building which became the office
for their company, La Poste,
the Royal French Postal Services.

Their common grandson Louis Leon Pajot
opearted the postal company.
Horses were carrying mail from 9 rue des Déchargeurs
to 800 Pajot & Rouillé
Post Relais located all over France and Northern Italy.
They also exchanged
mail with the Thurn & Taxis family who operated Europe's largest postal network.

Louis Leon Pajot was also a scientist
who collected "mesuring instruments".
His "cabinet de curiosités" was so famous
the Russian Tsar Peter the Great
wanted to visit when coming to Paris.
The stories about the building's past
and the childhood of Louis XIV left a lasting impression on the Russian Monarch.

In the 1860s Hotel de Villeroy and it's gate survived the urbanisation projects of Napoleon III
who decided to build
"rue de Rivoli" (avenue Impériale)
and "rue des Halles",
tearing down all old buildings that were in the way.

In 1870 set up at the Hotel de Villeroy
a les Halles foodmarket milkstore,
the Cremerie de Paris.
As the Pavillon Baltard of the newly created foodmarket
were soon getting to small, neighboring streets turned into an extension of the foodmarket.
The gate now saw a multitude of food negociators opening up at the Hotel de Villeroy.

In 1896 Tsar Nicolas II passed the gate as he wanted to show his wife the fairy tale Royal staircase
described to him by his ancestors.
Alexandra Federovna, the Tsarina later told the stories to her children and her husband's young cousin Dmitri Romanov.
The Romanov girls always dreamed of travelling to Paris
to visit the Eiffel tower and the magical staircase of the Cremerie de Paris.

Their dream is mentioned in the moovie "Anastasia".
Someting of the Romanov connection remained.
After the Russia Revolution, Dmitri Romanov was able to escape. He and his sister Maria came to Paris where they
needed to work. They both became friends with the
rising fashion designer Coco Chanel.

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