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24 rue du Fbg St Honoré
75001 Paris
+33 1 40 17 47 17
Hermes Boutique in Paris

Hermes History & Timeline

1801: Birth of Thierry Hermes in Krefeld, Germany.
The father also called Thierry Hermes was French,
the mother Agnese Kuehnen was Greman.
At the time Krefeld, near Duesseldorf was part
of the former French department of Roer,
belonging to France (Napoléons Premier Empire),
today it is part of the German State Nordrhein Westfalen/

The Hermes family run a small Inn.
Krefeld was the German silk and velvet city.

1827: Thierry Hermes moves to Pont Audemer near Deauville
and 160 km north of Paris.
He leans the scills of leather manufacturing
and started the producing of harness equipment.

1828 Thierry Hermes married Christine Pétronille Pierrart (1806-1896).

Thierry Hermes
1837: Hermes founded by the French German harness (horse equipment)
manufacturer Thierry Hermes (1801-1878).
The company starts as a workshop on rue Basse de Rempart
(the street was demolised by Baron Hausmann
to erect the Boulevard de la Madeleine)
near the eglise de la Madeleine in Paris 9e.

In the following years Hermes is in contact with Cremerie de Paris.
The right side of todays Cremerie is on the grounds
of the no longer existing
Pavillon des Drapiers, 11/13 rue des Déchargeurs,
also demolised by Hausmann and Empress Eugenie
to build the future rue des Halles.

The Pavillon des Drapiers (1660 - 1860)
was the place of the corporation of the clothiers and hosiers
(Drapiers et Bonnetiers). At the time of the foundation
of the Hermes company the Pavillon des Drapiers hosted
the Depot General des Bonnetiers de France.

Hoisery, also called Legwear, in French Bonneterie
describes garments worn on the feet and on the leg.

Charles Emile Hermes
1859: Charles-Emile Hermes takes the management of the workshop.

1867: Hermes wins a first class medal at the exposition Universelle.

Hermes Boutique in Paris
1880: Charles-Emile Hermes (1835-1919) moved the shop
to 24 rue du Fbg Saint Honore where it is still located today.
The move was pushed by construction plans of Emperor Napoleon III
who demolished the street where was located the initial Hermes store.

The Building on 24 rue Saint Honoré is first rented and only used for the Ateliers.

1889: opens the Hermes Boutique next to the Ateliers.

Emile Maurice Hermes
1902: Adolphe and Emile-Maurice Hermes (3rd generation)
take the management of the company which is renamed "Hermes Frères".

Hermes Girls
1912: Photo of the 4 Hermes girls,
mothers & grandmothers & great grandmothers of today's Hermes family.

1919: Adolphe Hermes leaves the company, as the demand for horse equipment declines due to the raise of the automobile. Emile Maurice buys his shares.
Contrary to his brother Emile Maurice Hermes sees a future in the company,
developping new products compatible with the times of the Automobile.
Be chic while driving your car.

Emile Maurice is able to purchase the real estate of the company seat
on 24 rue du Faubourg Saint Honore.

1929: Hermes introduces a woman's line.
The stylist Lola Prousac creates bathing clothes and soon
invents the Carre d'Hermes.

1936: Opening of the Hermes store in Deauville.

Hermes Saint Honore
1937: Centenary of the company and introduction of the Hermes scarves.

Caleche Hermes Logo
1945: The company adopts a calèche logo designed by Alfred de Dreux.

: Sale of the first Hermes cravats.

Robert Dumas
1951: Emile-Maurice Hermes dies and is replaced by
by Robert Dumas Hermes (1898-1978) husband of Jacqueline Hermes (4th generation)
and the perfumer Jean René Guerrand husband of Aline Hermes (4th generation).

Robert Dumas develops leather and silk products
Jean Rene Guarrand the Perfume division

1951: Launch of the first perfume Eau d'Hermes

1955: The American actress Grace Kelly discovers the Hermes store
and buys a handbag, called "Sac à Depèches".

Hermes Kelly BagPrincess Grace of Monaco with Hermes Kelly Bag
1956: A picture will make the Hermes Bag become
a worldwide fashion symbol.
It is the one showing Grace Kelly with her Fiancée, Prince Rainier of Monaco.
She uses the bag to cover the fact that she was pregnant.
The picture published by Life magazine
is reproduced on hundreds of magazine covers worldwide.
Women are pooring onto the Hermes Boutiques asking for a "Kelly Bag".

1961: Launch of the perfume Calèche (woman)

Hermes Boutique Luxembourg
1968: Opening of the Hermes store in Luxembourg, rue Philippe II.

1970: Perfume Equipage (men)

Hermes Boutique in Brussels
1972: October 25, opening of the Hermes store in Brussels, Boulevard de Waterloo.

1975: Perfume Amazone (woman)

1976: Hermes acquires the shoemaker John Lobb.

Jean Louis Dumas
1978: Jean Louis Dumas (5th generation) is named chairman.
Jean Louis Dumas is the key person in the companies
post war development.

1978: Extension of the flagship store on Faubourg Saint Honore
after acquisition of the neighboring building on number 26.

1979: Eau de Cologne Hermes (men)
1979: Perfume Hermes Orange Vert (men)

1984: Launch of the "Birkin Bag" named after the actress Jane Birkin.
The British fashion Designer Victoria Beckham is known to own over 100 Birkin Bags
making a million euro handbag collection.

Hermes Boutique Florence
1991: November opening of the Hermes store in Florence, Piazza degli Antinori.

Hermes Boutique Cologne
1992: December opening of the Hermes store in Cologne, facing the Cathedral.

1993: Hermes enters the Paris stockmarket.
425,000 shares introduced at 300 Francs (45 euros)

1995: Perfume 24 Faubourg

1996: Opening of the Hermes store in Beijing.

Hermes Boutique Duesseldorf
1996: September opening of the Hermes store in Duesseldorf, Koenigsallee.

Hermes Boutique in Antwerp
1997: Opening of the new Hermes store in Antwerp, Schuttershofstraat.

1999: Hermes acquires 30% of Jean Paul Gaultier.

1999: Perfume Eau d'Orange Vert

2003: Perfume Jardin en Mediterannée

Oprah Winfrey
2005: June 14, around 6.30 pm (shop closing time)
Ophra Winfrey,
the world's most admired TV show entertainer is denied acces to the Paris Flagship Boutique.
It seams that she arrived some minutes after/before the official opening hours.
The incident creates a worldwide media scandal.
There are different versions about the reason why Ophra couldn't enter the Fbs St Honore store,
but Ophra is furious and suggests to boycott Hermes products
... sales drop dramatically.
Hermes apologizes in public and Oprah lifts the boycott.

2006: Jean Louis Dumas retires
Patrick Thomas becomes the new CEO, the first time not a family member.
Barbara Albasio becomes the new marketing director of Hermes Parfums.
Her Italian glamour and style can soon be found in the new Perfume commercials.

Hermes Boutique Amsterdam
2006: May, opening of the new Hermes store in Amsterdam, Hooftstraat.

2007: Perfume Kelly Calèche

Hermes Boutique in Paris
2007: New extension of the Paris flagship store after buying 28 rue du Faubourg St Honoré.

2010: February, opening of the Hermes store in New York.

2010: May death of Jean Louis Dumas.

Hermes Boutique in Zurich
2010: August, opening of the new Hermes store in Zuerich, Bahnhofstrasse.

2010: October LVMH announces the acquisition of almost 20% of the Hermes shares.
Hermes publicly announces it's hostility to a takeover threat.

Hermes concept store
2010: November 18, opening of the new Hermes concept store in Paris Saint Germain.

2011: Hermes sells it's participation in Jean Paul Gaultier to Puig.

Hermes Boutique à Zurich
2012: May 8, 175th anniversary of Hermes - Leather forever Expo in London
at the Royal Academy of Arts

2012: September 28, Clip de Pub Perfume Terre d'Hermes with Clement Sibony.

  Origin of Hermes Name & Logos & Internet Domains
Caleche Hermes Logo
The Calèche logo was adopted in 1945 and designed by Alfred de Dreux.

  Facts & Figures about Hermes today

Hermes has 14 product divisions:
leather, scarves, ties,
men's wear, women's fashion,
perfume, watches, stationery, footwear, gloves, enamel,
decorative arts, tableware, and jewelry.

The company licenses no products and keeps tight control over everything it produces.

Today Hermes employs 9,000 people.
The Hermes family (about 50 people) still own 72% of the companies capital.
LVMH owns 22.4%.

The current artistic director is family member Pierre Alexis Dumas (6th generation).
The CEO is Axel Dumas.

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