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Furla headquarters
Furla Spa
Via Bellaria 3/5
31 rue Cambon
40068 San Lazzaro di Savena
+39 051 6202811
sac Furla noire
Furla headquarters San Lazzaro di Savena

Furla History & Timeline :

Aldo and Margherita Furlanetto
1927 foundation of Furla by the Italian fashion designers
Aldo and Margherita Furlanetto.

Furla Boutique in Florence
1997 Opening of the Furla Store in Florence.

Furla Boutique in Brussels
2008 Opening of the Furla Store in Brussels.

Furla Boutique Duesseldorf
XXXX Opening of the Furla Store in Duesseldorf.

Giovanna Furlanetto
Furla is privately owned by the Furlanetto family.
the current CEO is Giovanna Furlanetto,
daughter of the company founders.
The company founders had 3 children Carlo, Paolo and Giovanna.

4 grandchildren work in the company:
Michele, Marco and Filippo Furlanetto (Carlo's sons) and Giovanna's son, Giuseppe Costato.

Furla operates 255 stores in 73 countries.

Many high profile fashion icons
are or were known to carry Furla handbags.