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Ferrari Logo
Ferrari Logo


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Via Abetone Inferiore 4
Maranello 41053
+39 0536 949 111
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Ferrari History & Timeline:

Enzo Ferrari
1929: Foundation of Ferrari
as Scuderia Ferrari a company specialized in Formula One race car.
The founder was the Italian Enzo Ferrari.

GG Logo
The horse in the Ferrari Logo really existed. The image once reproduced the horse
of the young Italian count Francesco Barraca, a pilot who had the horse logo was painted on his plane.
Francesco's mother Countess Paulina suggested that the horse would bring luck.
The yellow color corresponds to the color of the Italian city Mondena.

1947: Enzo Ferrari started the production of vehicals that can use public roads creating Ferrai SpA.

Ferrari Päul Cavalier
1951: Some cars were very exclusive like the Ferrari 340 America Berlinetta
built for Michel Paul Cavalier from Nancy.
In fact Michel Paul Cavalier, a friend of Enzo, was to tall for a normal Ferrari,
so a special car was built for him.
Not many people have a car specially made for them.

Piero Ferrari
Today 10% of the company is owned by Piero Ferrari, the secon son of Enzo born in 1945.
90% of the company is owned by Fiat and the Agnelli family.

Ferrari Boutique in Florence
Opening of the Ferrari Store in Florence.



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