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Coco Chanel with her lover Dmitri Romanov
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Grand Duke Dmitri Pavlovich Romanov (September 18, 1891 – March 5, 1941)
was one of the Lovers of Coco Chanel.

The life of the Grand Duke changed dramatically with the Russian Revolution.
He is one of the few Romanov to have survived the revolution.

This is mainly due to the fact that he was involved
in the plot to murder Rasputin

Like many exiled Russian Aristocrats,
Dmitri tried to find a new occupation and worked as a salesperson
for a Champagne company in Paris.

His sister Marie Pavlovna also worked in the raising Luxury industry
where she had created a shop called "Kitmir"

specialised in bead and sequin embroidery.
She was in business contact with Coco Chanel.

Thanks to his sister Dmitri met Coco Chanel
in 1918 (probably in Biarritz)
Even though he was 8 years younger they fall in Love.


Ernest Beaux, first Chanel perfumerPerfume Chanel N°5
In 1920 Dimitri arranged a meeting with the French Russian
perfumer Ernest Beaux ...
which led to the invention of the Chanel N°5 perfume

.... probably the World's most sold fragnance.

Thus the Grand Duke went into history for a second time,
Rasputine for the first, Chanel N°5 for the second.

for more on Duke Dmitri see article from Lisa Davidson
on Alexanderpalace

Video about the Grand Duke and the Romanov Family
including Coco Chanel (2.24 min).

Ernest Beaux, first Chanel perfumerHenri Robert, created Chanel N°19Jacques Polge, created many Chanel fragnances
Ernest Beaux is the first director of Chanel Parfums
before Henri Robert and Jacques Polge.

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