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Coco Chanel overlooking place Vendome
photo by Roger Schall © all rights reserved ... Roger Schall Collection

Coco Chanel (August 19, 1883 – September 14, 2006)
on the balcony of her suite at the Ritz
overlooking the Place Vendome.
Today she would be able to see the Chanel Jewellry store
on 18 place Vendome

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Roger Schall Photo
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Roger Schall
Roger Schall (1904 – 1995)
was a very stylish French Vogue photographer.
Some of his photos are available as Art Prints
(but unfortunately not yet the photos of Coco Chanel)


Ernest Beaux, first Chanel perfumerHenri Robert, created Chanel N°19Jacques Polge, created many Chanel fragnances
Ernest Beaux is the first director of Chanel Parfums
before Jacques Polge and Henri Robert.

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