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Cremerie de Paris
Post Coach leaving Cremerie de Paris
Cremeries de Paris in 1756
plan des Cremeries de Paris en 1756

Map from 1756 done by the Catholic Church of Paris.
At that time the French word for map was not "plan" but "atlas".

Rue des Dechargeurs (home of the grande Cremerie de Paris)
and rue de la Ferronnerie (home of Cremerie de Paris N°3)
were already around ... Only a little part of the grande Cremerie de Paris
existed (since 1640), the larger part having been constructed in 1870.
Cremerie de Paris N°3 existed almost identical to what it looks like today.

Rue des Fourreurs and Rue de la Limace do no longer exist,
they needed to give their grounds to the construction of rue des Halles
built between 1854 and 1870. La Petite Cremerie de Paris was constructed in 1860,
but for half a century it was the entrance of the Building before becoming a Cremerie
of the Les Halles foodmarket.